Divinely Timed

The story is hunting the storyteller

“I was burnt out.  I knew that it wasn’t the life I wanted…..I knew that I needed to slow down….”

This was my conversation.  My story.  My old life back in NY.  I believe it’s a running theme for so many people today.  Especially now more than ever thanks to 2020 and the year that will go down in history as being one of the ugliest for many.  Where professionals everywhere are having the chance to pause, reevaluate, and reinvent in big and small but brilliant ways.  I’m so grateful to be one of them.  I am also thankful I watched “Heal” on Netflix last Easter because in doing so I changed my energy which helped me change my life before the craziness of 2020 took over.  I listened to something deep within me, my intuition, and in doing so I changed up my whole world.

And here I am today, having taken my year off, my sabbatical, and finding I had a passion to write.  Bringing my blog to life a few weeks ago I had no notion of what I was doing but knew I needed to introduce it to the world in a way that made sense.  I needed a proper narrative for my story.  I was doing my Med morning meditation one day in late September asking the universe & my spirit guides for help & signs.  Sounds crazy to some I know, but we all have them, spirit guides that is………  Do you know yours?  Do you know who your spirit guides are?  I check in with mine all the time.  I have many of them.  If you’re open to the vibration that comes with believing you have them you can literally ask them for guidance, direction, and signs.  I did exactly that and here’s what happened………..

It’s October 2020, I’m in NY catching up, playing Mom to my beautiful sons.  My first trip of the island since moving here.  It’s the tail end of the trip, Sunday morning, I’m in the Lower East Village.  Having brunch with Laura, a soul sister on many levels and a wonderful friend.  She was the last girl I partied with the night before I left NY for Ibiza and one of the first to catch up with when I returned.  It’s one of those perfect Fall days in NY, bluest of blue skies, crisp and sunny.  After brunch, we go pick up some coffees and as I’m walking out of the coffee shop I hear “is THAT Mary in the Med?”, I turn around and see Eduardo, an ex BNI (Business Networking International) alumni and admired peer.  He had spotted me right away!  We hadn’t seen each other in almost 3 years.  He had been following my journey on Instagram.  We caught up on the spot and both agreed it was a kismet meeting like that.  After a while, we hugged each other warmly and went our ways.  He left with me with some special parting words, an aboriginal saying he was very passionate about that “the story is hunting the storyteller”.  It resonated with me as I was now ready to bring my blog to life.   I knew our meeting was divinely timed.  My prayers to my spirit guides had been answered.  They had put me on the same street that morning and a chance encounter with Eduardo.  You see, Eduardo runs a business, called Fearless Communications.  A business he’s so passionate about.  He empowers people with the skills to public speak and share their stories.  Do you know, true fact here, that people fear public speaking right up there along with death? It’s way up there on the scale I’m told.  Anyway, I get back to Ibiza, sign up for his weekend course, and learn the art of stitching my NOW story to life.  He and his team helped me verbalize my story and in doing so I created this video.  My blog is now out there, hopefully resonating for some, maybe empowering others to be brave enough to make changes to their lives and ultimately allowing me the freedom to share my experiences as my stories hunt me I will continue to share more.  The stories will evolve as time goes by.

This is my story about me finding my Road Map.  The one that lead me to this magical island and a brand new life. This island will continue to teach me many life lessons. As I continue to grow, slow down, appreciate the simple pleasure in life, let go of the fear and gain confidence in believing in myself.  2020, a year where I’ve been super blessed to have the opportunity to try this new journey, to see where it takes me, as I integrate on many levels.  I’m super excited to see where 2021 and my vision will take me.  It’s a time for renewed energy and a chance to raise our vibration collectively, to evolve, and see where our road map takes us all.  This new year, known as the “5” year (2+0+2+1 = 5) is all about change and transformation.

And so as 2021 comes into focus I wish all your dreams come true and for anyone looking for their road map I hope that it presents itself and helps you find your best journey in life……. Happy 2021 everyone!



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