Divinely Timed

Why do I feel alone?

Know that you are not alone.

Have you been feeling isolated for the past year, the last 6 months, or even the last few weeks? If it feels like the universe has sent you to detention where you don’t get to partake in all the fun, know that it’s ok; you are not alone.  When you’re seeing people around you going to dinner but you don’t have the bandwidth to join them and you’re not able to drum up the energy to go out and be social, that’s also ok.  You are not alone.

Maybe you’re feeling bored; lonely perhaps, or you’re feeling like you don’t belong? Even if you wanted to go out and socialize it feels like the universe won’t let you; like access is blocked and you’re not allowed to go.  Let me help you to make sense of this.  You are the first to arrive.  You’ve discovered this new place within yourself;  a sense of freedom or fearlessness perhaps.  A sense of peace.  I wonder if that resonates with you. You don’t have it in you to socialize with people who still belong to the old world; the people who are drowning in fear and trauma.

It doesn’t make you superior.  Far from it. You feel the compassion for humanity deep in your soul. You’re just choosing to live fearlessly so it is unappealing to socialize with those who are carriers of the most unsettling virus of all; the virus of fear.   A lot of us still carry fear.  We are so programmed by the mainstream media that we don’t stop to question what we are hearing and seeing.  Unchecked, we may find ourselves habitually marching to the rules, mindlessly consuming ideas, and trying to fit in with social norms that no longer serve us.  We let greed and ego pull us into inevitable suffering if we are not mindful of the forces at play.  It’s wise to check in with ourselves regularly to hear what our heart has to offer and to be in curious conversation with the bigger picture.

My thoughts are similar to the feeling like you are the first to arrive at a dinner party that’s not starting for a few hours.  You’re all dressed up and waiting around.  You’re alone, expectant, and ill at ease.  You may have to kill some time, but that’s ok because you’ve made it there and you’re ready for what lies ahead.  You’re on the right track.  You’ve crossed a threshold in your consciousness, and this is the point of no return.  Give yourself a slap on the back and know that all will make sense in time.  
Congratulations! Whether you know it or not, you have embarked upon the path of your life purpose.

So, if you’ve been feeling a little off, or down in the dumps lately, relax.  If you find yourself staring at your phone all day long or bingeing on Netflix, it’s ok; you are not alone.  There is nothing wrong with you.  The energies are intense lately.  The universe is stripping us of all the ideas we have about our life that no longer serve us.  Feeling naked and raw is all part of the process.  You are more than a role.  You are a soul.

People are awakening.  Some faster than others.  So be gentle with yourself these days. We are in massive transformation.  We’re awakening and eliminating all the false ideologies we have about life.  We start to see where we have given our power away to people, places, and things. We are in the process of coming back to ourselves.  To our soul.  To peace.  So, feel it all in all its glory and all its discomfort and know that there’s nothing wrong with you.

Know that you are not alone.

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