Divinely Timed

You are exactly where you need to be


We are now in a season where our inner light is amplified and I want to share my learnings.  This cancer season is showing me so much and there is purpose in all of it.  There is purpose in where we are right now and there is a purpose to how things are playing out for a reason.   June for me was all about finding my tribe and aligning with the right people.  July was all about finding my balance and in doing so it has shone a spotlight so brightly for me to really see how life is unfolding.  I am seeing my purpose so clearly these days.  It comes with such amazing clarity that I can hardly believe how the universe really does give us what our hearts desire if we slow down long enough to trust, to ask how we can be of service, and then to just surrender into what is meant for us.

Just as the sun rises and gives purpose to our days.  To growth, to new beginnings, and to breakthroughs.  There is a process playing out within me making me stronger in refining where my focus is going.  Refining what I carry within me so that I can grow and thrive in ways that I wasn’t aware of but needed to.  Refining who I will surround myself with and who I will let go of.  But the beautiful thing about who we are and what’s within us is that love is always at work in all of our lives.  The love within us knows what we need.  And it’s providing the support and guidance for me in divine time.

The flood of emotions in this cancer season is showing me that there is purpose in all of it.  Purpose in where I am right now.  New beginnings.  New breakthroughs.  New “ah-ha” moments.  Refining and allowing me to see that what you carry with you and who you surround yourself with are so important to your growth.  It’s leading the way for me and giving me the conscious clarity that I need to step up, to step out, to co-create something remarkable.  I am exactly where I need to be.

The experience I am gaining from situations and circumstances I’m currently experiencing has been so profound and valuable.  It is expanding my mindset and opening my heart allowing me to stay true to me.  It is allowing me to go bigger and in doing so I am de-cluttering on an energetic level telling the universe that I have space and I’m ready to receive more.

I am being prepared by my experiences and my future self will understand why it all had to happen the way it did.  How it all fell into place the way it needed to.  My future self will thank me, the version of myself that I am today for leaning on faith, on hope, and on this vision that is alive within me.  Know that the path that you are on is your path, it’s for you.  Know that everything is happening for you.

When things seem dark, uncertain, and confusing something reliable and beautiful happens, a full moon rises in the night sky showing us that there are phases to life, there’s purpose in all of the phases, all of the cycles that we weave in and out of.  The people we meet, the people we will let go of and the people we now surround ourselves with.  We are exactly where we need to be.

Has this full moon shown you the strength & courage to be yourself?  To show you that you are exactly where you need to be at this time?  To trust, surrender and know that it’s all mapped out with love & compassion.





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