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I am enough

And I will always be enough……

As life unfolds, I’m seeing how we are guided into our life purpose if we have the courage to listen within. The more we fight it, the more we delay becoming the best version of ourselves. This past month has shown me so much of myself under the spotlight.  My shadow self has been under a super-powerful spotlight. I’ve sensed that it is time to expand, grow, and move forward as the best version of myself.  When we don’t heed our internal guidance, we stay stuck and repeat the same behavioral patterns over and over again.

I believe we create our own realities and our own timelines.  We choose to be where we are at this point in our lives.   I’ve been so fortunate to have orchestrated myself onto this beautiful island. I’m living a very different life from the 26 years in New York that I left behind. I feel at last like I have time. For so many of us, the world slowed down through the pandemic. It gave us the chance to question what we really want from life. I don’t resent or regret a single day of my old life, but I feel blessed that I was guided by my soul to leave all that I had created in New York and to find myself here.  It was my opportunity to find me; the chance to find much more meaning in my life.

On a collective level, the world is awakening, growing, and healing itself on many levels.  I see people starting to question the system and awaken.  We are seeing what’s important to us and connecting to how we want to live our lives going forward.

It’s been a long road to here, to slow down and take this time for me.  As a sibling in a large family, I left home in my early 20’s for a career in London. I met my husband, moved to the US, became a wife, and then a mother.  I was always doing; always busy in my career.  I lost myself so easily.  I never stopped to question what my values or beliefs were.  I just stayed busy living.

I served the system, working hard to pay taxes and conform to what society expected of me.  I lived in my head, so driven by my ego that I forgot to listen to my heart.  I neglected to feel into my discomfort as it showed up and allow myself to move through it.  I kept packing my emotions and truth deep down inside of me.  I kept ignoring myself while accepting the system I was programmed to believe in.

This is the very system that so many of us are starting to question today.

I was giving my power to others. I never felt fully aligned to what I wanted.  I was never fully present to what I was really feeling.  It was always easier to avoid than to deal with. It was easier not to take responsibility for myself but rather to blame another when something went wrong.  So much easier.

I see now that I had every measure of success; my health, a good husband, amazing children, and a beautiful home but I was always searching for more.  Not more gadgets and things or stuff.  I realize that I was searching for more meaning in life.  My soul knew more than my head would allow me to fathom.  Now it’s time for me to witness myself, be there for me, and to enjoy my journey of awakening on so many levels. I’m learning to see life as the gift that keeps on giving. I’m taking the opportunities to stand in my power and stay sovereign to myself and my beliefs.

It’s taken me 50 years to get here, to see what it’s all about and I couldn’t be happier to have arrived exactly where I find myself.  I know now that I am enough, that I will always have enough, and that I will always be enough.

So listen to your soul’s calling and recognize what you’ve been invited to focus on.  Avoidance will only cause delays and setbacks and now more than ever it’s our time to shine and step into the light.  Face what no longer serves you.  Let go of the fear.  Change up your narrative.  Love and embrace yourself and know that you’ll always be enough.  Recognize your gifts and who you are becoming.



  • Lorraine Sherrard
    June 12, 2021 at 11:53 am

    Love this, great that you have found this path and I’m privileged to be walking with you in it. 😘

    • adminmary
      June 12, 2021 at 12:23 pm

      I’m blessed to having you walking it too. Alongside me 😘❤️


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