Divinely Timed

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

During the first lockdown, when life, as we knew it, changed so much for us all.  When we were all grappling with ways to stay centered, while stepping into our new reality, I believe many people were seeking out new ways to stay grounded and find hope.  I found many little jewels and treasures that helped me deal with the huge changes we were encountering.  I know we all find these gifts in different ways – a recommendation from a friend or you open up YouTube or Instagram and something pops up in your feed to get your attention.  Whatever way you find them, and even though you are not sure what you’re looking for, we do find them.  For some folk, it was finding a new yoga routine or a fitness class on zoom.  For others, it was following recipes and learning to cook deliciously at home.  For me, it always comes down to love and gratitude, and I found many treasures out there to tap into from Joe Dispenza to Christine Lopes, the Heart Alchemist, to name a few.  The one that stood out the most for its simplicity and beauty was with “Mooji”.  A passionate Jamaican spiritual teacher whom I found randomly on YouTube: Click here to view Mooji’s video.

Maybe my spirit guides were working their magic that day when I happened upon him?  For his teaching at that time of such uncertainty was a huge help for me.  One of his meditations in particular, simply called “Thank You” was by far my favorite.  Short & sweet yet it encompassed so much.  I found myself tapping into it multiple times and still go back to it as a reminder of how simple it all really is.  It’s a sweet powerful prayer that has a big meaning in challenging times.  This beautiful meditation helped me tons.  Just some simple thank you’s to the universe, for the breath we breathe in, the sun in the sky, the flowers we see bloom, the stillness we can find in ourselves.  All the very simple, and uncomplicated, yet with a profound way of grounding me back into a place of gratitude.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and the one I found so helpful back then when I was still so new to Ibiza experiencing a very strict Franco-style lockdown regime and feeling more than a continent away from family and friends.

Only a few months into my new life in Ibiza, living my new dream in the Mediterranean.  I was renting a  small but charming 1 bedroom apartment right on the beach.  My south-facing terrace looked out onto the beautiful lush gardens of my complex with a gorgeous sea view in the background, the colors, and the sounds from the birds chirping.  A place I took solace in, a place I was able to inhale the beauty all around me from my little terrace.  That tiny terrace was my refuge and saving grace during those very constricted times.  Our initial and hardest lockdown lasted a good 8 weeks before we could go out, see friends, walk the beach, and feel the freedom to be.

I was very fortunate to have found the right environment in those early days.  Finding & filling up on the gratitude I needed to nurture myself during those trying times, even when I was wondering how life would look living through a pandemic.  I was a long way from New York, on this small island, a new language, new friends, and new cultures.  Even when I was wondering had I made the right choice to change up my life so dramatically.   I had the awareness even then of knowing that I was on the right path and time would show me the way.  I had so much gratitude back then and I have plenty more of it today.  It’s always my go-to emotion.  It changes everything.  Our mindset, our outlook on life, and our beliefs that anythings possible.  Saying “thank you” is one of the greatest mantras you can use.  Even at times when we wonder what there is to give thanks for.  I share his meditation here, if you can find the time to listen to him, you’ll understand my sentiments and see the small changes that are possible.  Click here to view Mooji’s video.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!………..

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