New York masked

After 11 months on Ibiza, while living through the restrictions of lockdown, I was fortunate enough to obtain my Spanish Residencia.  It allowed me the freedom to travel back to NY and see my boys, finally!  With the guarantee to know I’d be able to return back to Ibiza.  It was comforting to know.  I was excited to be getting off the island.  Island fever is common here, especially when it’s forced, due to lockdown, so I felt I’d won the lottery.  It was time to get back and fill up on being Mom.  Taking advantage of having both boys at home in Brooklyn taking their college schooling on-line.  It was the perfect opportunity to get back and spend quality time with them.  My ex-husband was traveling back to Ireland to help his Mom recover from knee surgery – so again divinely timed.

Before I left there were days when I’d sit in nature on the beach or take in a hike and wonder how I’d feel being back in Brooklyln.  My home for the  last 20 years.  The mainstream news fed me feelings that were uneasy like America was a tinder box ready to implode and the political unrest was feeding the election frenzy.  I packed my bags, headed back for 3 weeks curious to see how it would feel.

The travel experience itself was like none other, 36 passengers in total on a 737 airbus out of Paris to JFK.  We had the plane to ourselves.  And the trolly dollies, so board for lack of passengers, happily serving us champagne like it was going out of fashion.  It was a unique experience and one I happily sat back and enjoyed, masked of course.

Upon arriving in NY I headed straight to a clinic and got tested.  I cleared negative to Covid, within 2 days and it gave me and everyone I wanted to see the peace of mind that I was ok to be around.  Those first few days settling in the neighborhood was all too familiar.  I was back like I’d never left. In our beautiful brownstone apartment, around the boys, home, and fitting right back in.  Reminded of all I had left when I stepped out of the marriage, the house, all and everything we had built together.  The emotions were deep.  I wasn’t ready for the avalanche of feelings that came with the old comforts of being home.  I had a roller coaster of emotions to work through but it felt good to go through the process.  I was un-masking.  

The changes I saw in our quaint charming neighborhood were sad ones, stores and cafe’s closed, now out of business.  The outdoor dining had a refreshing European flair, especially at night with all the outdoor lights a glow.  But the energy, in general, I found was flat. 

The changes I saw in me were profound.  I realized had made the right choice to change up my life and explore. 

So while people stayed home, the streets remained quiet and the NY energy I had become so accustomed to was not the same I knew I had changed.  I was certain of my future.  I was so sure that coming back to Ibiza was the right direction for me to stay in.   

Brooklyn and New York were masked in many ways……… I was now finally very certain about my purpose and my vision.




  • Carly Hirsch
    December 10, 2020 at 2:04 pm

    I’m so grateful I got to see you when you were here.

    Can’t wait to visit Ibiza and see the island from your experiences there.

  • Carly Hirsch
    December 10, 2020 at 2:05 pm



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