Energy, it’s the inspiration for life ………..


You know me pretty well by now to know that I have a strong passion for the energy within us.  I mention it all the time and hashtag the word in most of my social media posts.  The energy that is in us and all around us.  The same energy I tapped into when I had my breakthrough sitting on a beach in Ibiza, Aug 2019, when I found my new road map and the quantum leap I took a few months later.  When I journeyed down that new road map and moved my whole life to Ibiza.  Those same energies are guiding me today and they continue to do so on a quantum level.

I’ve been following Dr. Joe Dispenza and his theory on quantum physics for a few years now.  I found him through the movie “Heal” and while his sharing and teaching were an inspiration for changing my life, his mantra “change your energy, you change your life” really did personally play out for me.  I’ve zero regrets for finding the energy to make these changes and I know as life goes on I’ll continue to tap into this frequency of energy he so beautifully created in his “” meditation U INSPIRE ME that I’d like to share here with you today.

He created it last Spring and it seemed like a fitting tool to have during those times of uncertainty while our world as we knew it was changing so much.  It’s a beautiful meditation that supports me daily.  I never tire of doing it and I felt drawn to share it.  My place and time to zone out, breathe, relax and take this journey where I know that anything is possible.  Where all we need is within us and all around us. We just need to tap into the frequency of it.

So here goes, a short meditation by him called “U.Inspire.Me”.  The words are too nice not to share but I invite you to actually do it.  Go on give it a try!  U INSPIRE ME  Lie down or sit in a comfortable position and take the time to experience it.  The music is cool.  It takes you somewhere.  It’s my go-to meditation and I want you to feel it too.   My Kua number in this lifetime is the #1 which makes me the “Wealth Creator” (I’ll go into Kua #’s & their numerology meaning another time in another story as it is fascinating) so this sharing is a form of me sharing my wealth of what’s been working for me.  What have you got to lose?  Are you ready?

Eye’s closed……….

Take a breath.  And relax……. Your body.  Feel……Your body.  And relax it.  More,……. come on!  It’s time ……….. to change your energy.  To the energy of a new life.  Feel it!  Change your energy. You change your life.  It’s the energy …….. of a new life!  You gotta feel it.  Experience it.  Become it!  To become the energy ………. of a new life!  Fall in love ………. with a new life!  A New energy!  And to become more of it,………. this new energy.  And feel it,……… in your heart.  And who inspires you?  What is it……… that inspires you?  About them?  Feel it!  Become it!  More………  Come on!  Be moved by it.  Come on.  What inspires you?  Your dreams of a new life.  Come on feel it in your heart.  Open your heart………… to this new life and breath in ……….the energy of the new life and breath it into your heart!  And that’s how!  That’s energy in your heart.  Breathe in, a little more energy into your heart and that’s how.  And feel that.  That energy in your heart.  Breathe in the energy of life into your heart and that’s how and feel that …….. in your heart.  Feel it!  Experience it! Become it!  It’s within you and all around you.  Tune in to the energy of a new life and feel it in your heart – be moved by it.  And open up and let your heart be filled with light…..  The inspiration of life ……… in your heart.  Change your energy!  Change your life!  Within you and all around you.  Open up,………….. it’s the energy of a new life!  It’s the inspiration for life.

And when your ready, bring your awareness back to a new body, to a new environment, to a whole new time.  When your ready, you can open your eyes.  “Inspired by life”.  And remember this feeling!

It’s really quite amazing & powerful and yet so simple.  Think about who inspires you when you listen to it. Joe Dispenza certainly inspires me and I can invasion many other great people who inspire me.  I can also proudly recognize that I inspired myself for having had the bravery to hear the calling in me to change up my life on a quantum level when I did.  For letting go of everything that was my old world, for tapping into something special, a new world, a new environment, a whole new me.

Joe Dispenza’s teachings are changing people’s lives for the better. And as we’re now in the new Age of Aquarius, and Aquarius has to do with our higher mind, I believe people the world over are awakening and many are looking for a deeper meaning to their life.  We are becoming the new human in the best possible way.  What exciting times we choose to be here for.  We’re seeing and feeling the energy in a way we haven’t before and while March marks a full year since the effects of the pandemic that has swept our world, I truly believe if more people did this meditation daily they’d be less overwhelmed, concerned, or caught up with all the madness that is around us.  Turn off the media and tune into this!  We are all highly connected beings through this energy that is all around us.  Were all looking to heal, to grow, and to soar in these new times becoming more conscious in knowing we have the power to create our own energy and the energy to change anything.  If the world could do this together think of the collective consciousness we’d be tapping into!  Powerful!  Go on, I urge you to give it a try.  Take that quantum leap as we spring forward this weekend and prepare ourselves for a new season and a whole new environment!



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